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Late 19th century to early 20th century .850 Chinese Export Silver tray, Marked Jian Ji

Late 19th century to early 20th century .850 Chinese Export Silver tray, Marked Jian Ji

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1890-1900 年制 中國外销银器. 晚清-民国 '建记銀盤, 竹形柄. 银匠印章为建记. 标价为5560 AUD.

This late 19th century to early 20th century .850 silver tray is marked with an interesting inscription, hearkening to high society days in the British colonies. This was likely to have been a gift for some happy occasion, such as a wedding. “Wishing Every Happiness To Mr and Mrs Harris by Mr and Mrs Byramji P.C.”. PC in this case most likely stands for Private Corporation, a business practice that was used by licensed professionals, such as doctors, lawyers, accountants etc.

The chop marks indicate this to have been done by Jian Ji (建記), possibly active in both Guangdong (Canton) and Shanghai. Some information indicates that it was possibly a Shanghai based workshop active circa approximately 1880-1920, but this is difficult to determine for sure.

Beautiful repousse techniques including dragons, bamboo and chrysanthemum motifs as well as figural bamboo handles. A very elegant and practical piece. Dragons appear to have been a signature of Jian Ji, and these ones are beautifully done.

The Byramji or Byramjee family was one of some note in Bombay, and associated branches appear to have made their way to Hong Kong and various British colonies as early as 1857. In “The Chronicle & Directory for China, Japan & The Philippines” dated 1877, listing foreign residents in various Asian countries, one Byramjee Bomanjee was listed as a broker on Hollywood Road. In another census in 1881, Polishwalla, Hermanjee Byramjee, also a broker, was another possible descendant that lived on Lyndhurst Terrace. It is impossible to determine exactly which branch of the Byramji family might have given this handsome gift, but certainly all parties were individuals of some note. 

Price marked at AUD$7250.

Total weight of 912 grams, .850 standards silver.

Measurements: 26.5 by 48.5 cm total width including handles, approx. 6.5 cm high. 

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