Collection: Antique Chinese Coin Jewellery

Cache Antiques is proud to offer our newest range of antique jewellery, featuring Chinese trade coins from a variety of periods. Ranging from the Tang, Northern Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, these coins represent periods ranging from late antiquity to the 19th century, with some coins being an astonishing near millennium in age. 

The cash or qian (錢) was a Chinese coin characterised by its round outer shape and square centre hole. Used from the Warring States Period (4th century BC) to 20th century AD, these coins were used through the history of Imperial China up until the Xinhai Revolution in 1911.

Due to their widespread use throughout Asia for trade, they are nowadays seen as a symbol in the region for good luck and as a talisman against evil.

Each sterling silver frame is made to measure for each coin by our team of artisans in Asia. This level of custom fitting means that the pieces preserve their historical integrity while showcasing their stunning patina.