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Antique UK Apothecary Bottle by YG Co. c 1880- Ext. Cascar Sag. Liq. (Cascara)

Antique UK Apothecary Bottle by YG Co. c 1880- Ext. Cascar Sag. Liq. (Cascara)

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These antique apothecary bottles make for wonderful conversation pieces. 

In business for a century (1830-1930), the York Glass Co. produced medicinal bottles in a variety of colors. The firm used a single complex logo embossed on the base of glass containers and impressed into ceramic bases. 

These glass bottles produced by the Whitall Tatum Company (USA) are a fascinating slice of medical and industrial history when pharmacists would make up compounds by measuring from these bottles. Often these prescriptions would be made up and sold to customers on the spot in twists of paper or decanted into smaller bottles. Pre turn of the century, these bottles would have been produced by hand, using both mouth-blowing processes and individual plate molds. 

According to an article published by the Society for Historical Archaeology, “Because we have discovered no alternative possibilities, bottles with the YGCO logo should be attributed to the York Glass Co. The bottles we have seen were probably not made earlier than the 1870s and were probably produced until the company ceased production in 1930. All examples we have seen exhibited mouth-blown characteristics, and we have found no evidence that York ever used machines.”


These are antique apothecary bottles and are therefore for display purposes only.

We have additional apothecary bottles and jars in stock, for more information please visit us instore. 

Bottle Label: Ext. Cascar Sag. Liq.

Notes: Cascara sagrada (Frangula purshiana) is a shrub. The dried bark used to be FDA approved as an OTC laxative.

See below link for the an example of this bottle from The George Shepherd Pharmaceutical Collection in the Aberdeen museum the Treasure Hub.

Manufacturer: Y G Co.

Age: Circa 1890

Price: $150 AUD

Measurements: 9 by 9 base, 26cm high

Condition Notes: One chip on back of glass bottle near stopper, wear and chips to glass on hand painted label. Otherwise good antique condition, with some wear commensurate with age and history of use.

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